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Spring Gardening Waste

Burning Rubbish/Bonfires and the law

There aren't any specific laws against having a bonfire/ burning rubbish, but there are several laws that deal with the nuisance bonfires can cause. See 'Bonfires and the law' for more information.

>> Further information about Bonfires and the law

Other ways to dispose of garden waste

There are other ways to get rid of your garden waste without making a bonfire. Most garden waste, like grass cuttings and leaves, can be recycled by composting.

See links below to further information

Composting (environment and greener living section)
Composting turns waste into valuable food for your garden and can help reduce climate change. Most garden waste can be composted, as well as uncooked vegetable peelings. Composting is easy and many local councils sell compost bins at reduced prices. Get advice from RecycleNow >>

Reducing waste and recycling (environment and greener living section)
Recycling can help save materials and energy, but cutting down on waste in the first place is even better. Taking your own bag when you go shopping can help. You can also repair broken items and find a good home for anything you don't want anymore. Top Tips to reducing your waste>>